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Molson Senior Men's League Guideline 2017


The Senior Men's League will have a new format this coming year; please read on to discover what your committee has planned.

The Molson Senior Men's League is a nine hole event on Thursday mornings for twenty weeks.  It is open to all senior male members of the Lindsay Golf and Country Club and there is no cost to join; however, there is a small weekly cost for prizes. The first Molson Senior Men's League event will be Thursday, May 11th and the last date for the league will be Thursday, September 21st.    

New Scoring Format for 2017

The Molson Men's Senior Golf League will play on Thursday mornings starting about 30 minutes after the course opens. A signup sheet will be provided to allow players to select a tee time for the following week. Tee Times for the current week will be placed on the bulletin board in the Pro Shop (and/or Club House) no later than the Monday of that week. Allowances will be made so people can sign up on the posted sheet during the week prior to game. The sheet will be taken down prior to start of the Thursday game.


The season will be twenty weekly events including three special games:

1. Opening scramble, shot gun start with breakfast before playing

2. Steak or Beans scramble, shot gun start, either a steak or beans dinner when play is completed

3. Closing scramble, shot gun start with meal afterwards

NOTE: There is the possibility we'll do a Net Team Score for the Steak or Beans event instead of a scramble.

Scores will be kept on an individual basis for all games except for the above special events. The weekly scores will help establish handicaps for the Senior Men's League. All three special events are team games.

All games are 9 hole events played on the back 9 holes.


With the exception of the special events listed above, scores will be recorded on an individual basis to help establish the Senior Men's League Stableford handicaps. The number of strokes played will be limited to no more than three strokes over par on each hole.  On the score card, each player will record the number of strokes taken on each hole. The scorecards are to be turned into the Pro Shop at the end of the game. Results will be calculated and posted at the beginning of the next week.

Handicaps for the Thursday Senior Men's League Play

Handicaps will be established for golfers playing in the Thursday Senior Men's League using a modified Stableford system of "3 strokes over par".

For example, once a golfer has taken 3 strokes over par they can't score any points, therefore the golfer can then pick up his ball mark 3 over for the hole on the score card and move on to the next hole. For a par 4 hole that would be a 7 and for a par 3 you would record a 6 on the score card. Handicaps will be updated weekly and posted along with the scores at the beginning of the next week.

For those interested in seeing how the handicaps are established, see the following explanation.

Calculation of Handicaps

The handicaps used for the Senior Men's League are different from the standard PGA handicaps because of the points system being used. For example, if our "example golfer" had a PGA handicap of 17, he would be expected to score on average 89 (par 72 + 17) for 18 holes. To convert your PGA handicap, for only the back nine,  to the 3 strokes over Stableford point system, I would do the following:  

Lets assume the back nine at Lindsay is 3 strokes easier than the front nine; keeping this in mind, 3 strokes will be subtracted from your 18 hole PGA handicap.  Divide your revised PGA handicap by 2 to arrive at your Lindsay back nine Stableford handicap.

A baseline of 63 is used for all golfers to calculate the number of Stableford points a player is expected to accumulate over the nine holes.

Looking at our "example player" who's PGA handicap is 17.  First subtract 3 strokes (the back nine is easier by 3 strokes); now "example player's" PGA handicap is 14.  To arrive at "example player's" handicap for only 9 holes; divide 14 by 2 resulting in a handicap of 7.  In summary, "example player" is expected to score 36 + 7 = 43 for the back nine at Lindsay. Now using the baseline of 63 (for all golfers) we can calculate the number of Stableford points "example player" should make i.e. 63 - 43 = 20 points.  See the chart below to discover how to achieve the points. Each golfer's Senior Men's League Stableford handicap is adjusted after play each week to reflect how the golfer played that week.

Stableford Points Are Awarded As Follows On Each Hole

3 strokes over par 0 points
2 strokes over par 1 point
1 strokes over par 2 points
Par 3 points
Birdie  4 points
Eagle 5 points


Payment System For the Thursday Senior Men's League 2017 Season

Instead of the $7.00 weekly fee, we are planning to charge $5.00 for the basic game and an optional fee for the extra categories i.e. closest to pin and skins. Each extra category entered would cost an additional $1.00; maximum cost would be $7.00 per week.  The three special events, which include a meal, will be higher in price; probably in the $15.00 - $20.00 range.

Of the $5.00 weekly cost, $3.00  would be kept and given to Jeanine to purchase prizes for the closing event. The remaining $2.00 would be used each week for payouts in the basic game.  Payments are based on how each person scores against their established Senior Men's League Stableford handicap. Payouts will be administered by Ted Clarke; payouts for extra games will follow the system established previously by Russ. Payouts will be distributed at the next regularly scheduled Thursday game.

Prizes for Closing Event

The $3.00 collected each week will go towards prizes for the closing event. Names will be drawn for prizes. Each eligible person will receive a prize. To be eligible for the draw, a player must have played a minimum of 7 times during the year. A player’s name may be entered more than once for the draws to improve his odds of being selected early.  Once a person's name is drawn, they are then not eligible for any additional prizes. 

Times Played Determine the Number of Entries

Played 7 times 1 entry in the prize draw
Played 8   - 10 times 2 entries in the prize draw
Played 11 - 13 times 3 entries in the prize draw
Played 14 - 16 times 4 entries in the prize draw
Played 17 - 20 times 5 entries in the prize draw

If a person has not played the designated minimum 7 times, then they will not be eligible for the year end prize draw.

Petitioning for Changes

Because it is anticipated that not everyone may not be happy with the new format, I think we need to create an orderly method of requesting a change. Suggestions could be presented to the committee running the Senior Men's League (Ted Clarke and Ken Lynes) either verbally or in written form.  Any petition for change will be posted for a period of time (2 weeks) to allow input. Acceptance requires a majority YES.  If accepted, rules will be revised.